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Sayed Muhammed Badshah

Hazrat Khwaja Shaikh Mohammad Badshah Qadri-ul-Chishti Yamani Raichuri Rahmatullan Alayh (1903 (1324 Hijri) – 1978), was a Sufi saint of the Chisti order in India, known commonly as Badshah Quadri or Badesha Qadri, who preached universal brotherhood and peace.

Badesha Quadri was born in Raichur, Karnataka, India, during Bakrid on 10th day of Dhul Hijja, on a Friday, to a sayyid family which originally came from Yemen. His family trace their descent from Hasan ibn Ali, the first grandson of Muhammad

At an early age, Badesha Quadri became a disciple of his paternal uncle Shah Nabi Mohuiddeen Quadri, of the Chisti order, who was then a renowned Chisti elder. He later became a disciple of Karimullah Shah Qadri. Before Karimullah died, he passed the role of Pir, the leadership of the Qadiriyyah and Chishti traditions, to Badesha Quadri.

Badesha Quadri is entombed in Halkatta Shareef outside of Wadi in the Gulbarga District of Karnataka. His work is continued there by his son and successor Mohammed Ibrahim Shah Qadri (Ibrahim Shah Khaderi ) There is an annual festival or urs for Badesha Quadri and thousands of his followers travel to Halkatta Shareef for it. The urs marks the anniversary of the saint’s death. The term urs literally means wedding with the divine.

Badshah khadri is one of the most greatest person and we all ahle silsila-e-khadriya is faith on him. Hazrat Peer Adil Bijapur Rahmathullah is also the peer of the silsila after hazrat Badshah khadri rahmath ullah Hazrat Peer Younus Ali shah khadri al chisti al ifteqari charage peer adil is one of the saint of the silsila who is present alive and give the true massage of allah and mohammed to all people by the grace of god.

Spiritual Shajarah
Hzt. Sayed  Madar Shah   Al  Qadiri     -  Pune, Maharashtra
Hzt. Sayed  Muhammed   Badshah  Al  Qadiri   Yamani - Wadi, Karnataka
Hzt. Shaikh  Kareemullah  Shah  Al  Qadiri  - Chitguppa, Karnataka
Hzt.. Shaikh  Jand  Hussain  Shah  Al  Qadiri   - Sakin  Kan
Hzt.  Shaikh   Abdul  Qadir  Al  Qadiri  - Hyderabad
Hzt.  Shaikh  Muhammed  Umar  Moujood    Shah  Al  Qadiri - Rajpur
Hzt.  Shaikh  Irfan  Ali  Shah  Al  Qadiri - Delhi
Hzt.  Shaikh  Jafar  Ali  Shah  Al  Qadiri  - Pakistan
Hzt.  Shaikh  Hasan   Shah  Al  Qadiri  - Pakistan
Hzt.  Shaikh  Akbar  Ali  Shah  Al  Qadiri  - Pakistan
Hzt.  Shaikh  MeerBhu  Ali  Shah  Al  Qalandar - Panippat
Hzt.. Shaikh  Amrullah  Shah  Al   Qadiri - India
Hzt.  Shaikh  Bahauddeen  Shah  Al  Qadiri  - Mumbai
Hzt.  Shaikh  Najmul  Haq  Shahabadi   Al  Qadiri - India
Hzt.  Shaikh  Abdul  Azeez  ShakarPara - Delhi
Hzt.  Shaikh  Bahauddeen  Shah  Al  Qadiri  Shattari - India
Hzt.  Shaikh  Sayed  Abdul  Razaaq  Jamal  Al  Qadiri - Baghdad  
Hzt.  Shaikh  Muhyuddeen  Sayed  Abdul  Qadir   Al  Jeelani - Baghdad  
Hzt.   Shaikh  Abu  Saeed Mubarak  Al  Makhzoomi - Baghdad  
Hzt.  Shaikh Abul  Hasan  Ali  Al  Qurashi  Al  Hankari - Baghdad  
Hzt.  Shaikh Abul  Farah  Yusuf  Al  Tharthusi   - Baghdad  
Hzt.  ShaikhAbdul  Wahid  Bin  Abdul  Azeez  Al  Thameemi - Baghdad  
Hzt.  Shaikh   Aboobakr  Shibilee - Baghdad  
Hzt.  Shaikh  Abul Qasim  Junaid  Al  Bagdadi    - Baghdad  
Hzt.  Shaikh  Abul  Hasan  Sirriyy  Al  Saqty - Baghdad  
Hzt.  Shaikh  Ma”roof  Al  Karkhi - Baghdad  
Hzt.  Sayyid  Al  Imam  Ali  Al  Ridha(R.A) - Baghdad  
Hzt.  Sayyid  Al  Imam  Moosal  Kazim(R.A - Baghdad  
Hzt.  Sayyid  Al  Imam  Jafar  Swadique(R.A) - Baghdad
Hzt.  Sayyid  Al  Imam  Muhammed  Al  Baqir(R.A - Madeena
Hzt.  Sayyid  Al  Imam  Sajjad  Zainul  Abideen (R.A - Madeena
Hzt.  Sayyid  Al  Imam  Hussain  (R.A)  - Madeena
Hzt.  Sayyid  Al  Imam  Hassan  (R.A)  - Karbala
Hzt.  Sayyid  Al   Imam  Ali  Hyder  (R.A)  - Najaf
Hzt.Khatimul  Ambiya  Sayyidul Mursaleen  Sayyiduna  Muhammed  Musthaf - (S.A)
Khulafa Directory

Shaikh Muhammed Kunhi Bava Ustad          -Edayur, Valanchery ,Malappuram ,Kerala, India
Marhum Ibraheem  Puthur Faizy                   -Pallikkal, Malappuram
Marhum Abubakr Faizy                                    -Anakkara, Palakkad, Kerala
Marhum Abdullah Musliyar                             -Pulloor, Mancheri ,Malappuram
Shaikh Syed Ahmed Jifri Thangal                  -Kakkad ,Malappuram
Shaikh Sayed Pookoya Thangal                     -Iyyad, Kozhikkode, Kerala
Shaikh Syed Zainul Abideen Thangal            -Iyyad
Shaikh Abdul Raheem Faizy                            -Valapuram, Valanchery
Shaikh  Ismaeel Faizy                                       - Kidangazhi, Malappuram
Shaikh   Abdur  Raheem  Ahsani                    -Kottappuram, Malappuram
Shaikh  Saidali  Haji                                           - Edarikkode, Malappuram
Shaikh  Abu Bakr Saadi                                    -Koppam, Palakkad
Shaikh  Zainul  Abideen  Faizy                        -Wayanad
Shaikh  M A Muhyiddeen Musliyar                -Chengamanad, Kochin
Shaikh   Hamza  Musliyar                                -Kaladi, Malappuram
Shaikh   Abdul  Jaleel  Baqawi                        -Perumbavoor, Ernakulam
Shaikh   Kutti  Hassan  Musliyar                    -Kizhisheri, Malappuram


Jeelani Shareef   is the  Aastthana of  Hzt.Sulthana Shah which situated in the bank of great river Periyar of Kerala,nearest Aluva,a developed city as a part of  great   Cochin.Cochin International Airport (Nedumbassery) is very near to Aasthana.


Jealani study Center
Jealani Study Center is an organization aims to spread the mission of Hzt.Sulthan Shah.The main office of the organization is at Valanchery,Malappuram,Kerala.It has many district and unit   committees throughout Kerala.

The CENTER contributed very much and played a great role in defeating the enemies of movement.The organization was founded by Hzt.Bava Usthad(He was founder President of the center)and Shaikh AbdurRaheem Musliyar and others .The Center uses contemporary ways and means to preach the Thareaqa among traditional scholars and public.

President                      -Syed  Ahmed Jifri Thangal
Vice-Presidents          -Syed Pookoya Thangal
                                       -Shaikh Muhammed Kunhi Bava Usthad
                                       -Shaikh Muhyuddeenkutty Musliyar 
                                       -Abdul Qadir Sahib Koduvally
Gen.Secretary            -Shaikh Abdui Raheem Musliyar