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Hzt. Nizamuddin Institute for Studies in Tasawuf
Hzt Nizamuddin Institute for Studies in Tasawuf is an academic venture to spread Sufi teachings and thoughts. It is jointly established by Jamia Nizamul Uloom, New Delhi and Sulthaniya Foundation, Kottakkal. The institute wishes to renew and develop the curricula in the field of Tasawuf.

Aims and Objectives

The institute is founded:

    1. To renew the link between the knowledge and higher values: Unicity (Thawhid)and purification of heart (Tazkiyathu-Nafs)

    2. To give the Sufi texts their humanistic, social and academic values and relate them effectively to contemporary needs and issues in education.

    3. To provide the creative response to the intellectual challenges to Sufi texts from modern Muslim movements and other religious and materialistic thoughts.

    4. To conduct and promote studies on Sufi thoughts and writings involving conceptual analysis, classifications and definitions of Sufi key concepts relevant to know educational systems and intellectual arena.

Courses Offered during the session 2006-2007 

  1. Basic course of studies in Tasawuf.

  2. Diploma in studies in Tasawuf.

Special Masters Degree program in Tasawuf.
Thajdeed Mission

Thajdeed Mission is the department to create intellectual renovation and scholastic revolution in the field of every sciences based on the thouheedi epistemology.

Research Academy for Revival of sciences (RARS)
(A mission for rethinking and developing the branches of human knowledge)

Introduction: Research Academy for Revival of sciences (RARS) is a centre for intellectual revival movement in all fields of human knowledge, the Academy aims to regain the intellectual and spiritual higher positions of mujaddideen of Ummah Muhammadiyya. And to spread it around academicians, scientists, theologians and other scholars.

Aims and Objectives
To elaborate an Thauheede worldview and a theory of Thauheedi epistemology.
To rethink the contemporary status of shariah and recognize it as a problem solving
To contribute Thauheedi world view to contemporary natural, social and Islamic sciences
To counter with the post modern intellectual arena
To regain the tradition of eminent mujaddideen of ummah Muhammadiya
To cooperate and coordinate with all individuals, organizations and institutions to share the institutes vision.

Areas of research
(1) Islamic sciences like Quranic Sciences, Hadith Sciences, Fiqh, Usul-Fiqh, Arabic Language       and Linguistics, Comparative religion
(2) Natural sciences; Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Cosmology, etc.
(3) Social sciences; Sociology, Political Science, Cultural studies, History, Economics,       Anthropology, Population Studies, Psychology, Media Studies
      Medical Sciences; Ashtavaidya, Aryavaidya, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Alopathy, Yunani

Seeks to achieve it’s objectives:-
(a) Holding specialized academic conferences and semirars
(b) Supporting and selectively publishing works of scholars and researchers in universities and academy’s research centers in Kerala and Abroad
(c) Directing higher university studies toward furthering work on Thauheedi epistemics.

The Academy will appoint in future a number of overseas officers and academic advisors for the purpose of coordinating and promoting it’s various activities. It will gain also entered into joint academic agreements with several organization colleges and research centeres to implement its objectives.

The Primary Projects
Publishing of research works in the field of different sciences as a series of ‘Introduction to disciplines’ and documentary presentation of that research work. Such an item of work, in selected fields of knowledge will produce on every month.

Office and Officers
Now the Academy has started its activities under Sulthaniya Foundation Charitable Trust based in Kottakkal, Malappuram, Kerala.

The Academy has an independant vision and mission according to its officers and now, it has 3 major officers.
(1) President
(2) Dean of Research
(3) Dean of Administration


A  platform  for  discussions on contemporary issues in Fiqh and Usulul Fiqh

Sulthaniya Thajdeed mission is a movement for intellectual revivalist activities under Sulthaniya Foundation. Now, the mission has to develop a platform for discussions on different
disciplines. First of all, we select Fiqh and Usulul Fiqh as distinguished  Islamic science.

For the purpose of intellectual  and scholastic developments in the field of  Fiqh and Usulul Fiqh,we are forming  a forum for Fuqaha.Inter  Madahib Perspectives and traditional fiqhi thoughts are welcome to our mission.

Please fillout this bio-data  and inform us your goals.

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Health and Healings

Our murshideens are greatest spiritual healers and doctors in the branches of ancient and modern medical sciences. We have thousands of experiences in serious cases of diseases that they have completely solved. Sathanic, mental, Sihr, inherited diseases and all other problems have their own solving methods based on the concept of Thouheed, so feel free to contact us in such cases.

Da’wa Movement

Da’wa movement is the organ to spread the massages of Murshideens and it aims to develop a world wide da’wa mission of the Sulthaniya movement.

The movement have a devoted group of  Dai’s(Who call to Tawhid) and it makes a better environment for Da’wa activities.

The Sulthaniya da’wa movement is propagating world piece and religious tolerance and harmony. It works against communal hatreds and religious fundamentalism. Our talk is all to humanity without any differentialities of caste, race, language and nationalism.  

Administration Section

Administration Section is the center for day to day works of the Sulthaniya Foundation. Managing Director is the chief of this section.

Sulthaniya Media

Sulthaniya Media is the department to develop the Media activities of the foundation.It is on the way to start newspapers and magazines.A different type of  TV channel program has started in this year.

1. Na’th troop: Na’th is a cultural program which encourages all the Sufi missions. Nowadays, it has a world wide acceptance through TV Channels, Web Sites and Audio Video CDs. The Sulthaniya movement is also developing such a Na’th  troop.

2. Qawwali troop: Qawwali is also a different cultural  presentation developed Chishthi sufi missions .They loved it as a way to Almighty ALLAH and spread it throughout Indian subcontinent.

3. Rifayee Rathieb

Another sufi cultural program which is developed by Rifayee sufi path. It has a worldwide  acceptance especially in Asian   countries.

The Sulthaniya Ziyarath Cell is organizing different kinds of Ziyarath Programs.

        1. International  Sufi Ziyarat Program.
        2. Haj and Umra Program
        3. National Ziyara Trip
        5. Regional Ziyara Trip

Sulthaniya Foundation have published brilliant works in the field of renovative Islamic thought. At first the mission published 2 intellectual contributions named Hzt. Sulthan Shah Series. We are trying to publish a series of classical sufi texts.
Overseas Malayalees Committee
This is the organ for overseas malayalees throughout the world. They conduct programs of Sulthaniya movement in different countries.
Organizing Division

Organizing Division works to coordinate public functions of other departments of the foundation. It will coordinate with other organizations also.

Welfare Cell

It is the department to help the poor and other needy people in the country and outside. Zakath distribution is an another financial helps in the planning of foundation.

Public Relations

Public Relations section is established to replay for doubts and criticisms against the activities of the organization from public people. Leaf   lets, broushers and advertisements are the duties of this section.